Art Concept

In this art series, I've explored "branding" and how, as a fashion designer, I could represent the feeling of my brand without any involvement of textiles. Intuitively and freely I've played with my brand's DNA, and perhaps unconsciously illustrated an artistic moodboard. I'm a child of the 90's logomania, with a penchant for skate and sportswear brands, and have (just like my clothing) filled my art with PIHL's logo.

Normally, in my clothing design I have a central focus on sustainability and most of the garments I create are made from waste materials. In this series of artwork, though, I highlight social sustainability. Criticism is directed at Social Media where filters and the influencer-culture inspire young women to do plastic surgery "preemptively".

 With symbolic and sometimes very sarcastic tattoos, I display bodies and croquis sketches. There's something raw, honest and real about croquis and maybe there's no coincidence that I suddenly felt a strong need, both to see and to create this type of image, now when the rest of the world is filled with fakes news and fake looks.