This art series is an exploration of my brand and the embodiment of the feeling of PIHL on paper. The result is an illustrated moodboard. As a child of the 90's, with a soft spot for skate- and sportswear logomania, I have filled my art with the PIHL logo, just like I do in my fashion designs.

In my design I have a focus on environmental sustainability with most of the garments being made from waste materials. In this art series, however, I highlight social sustainability. Criticism is directed at social media platforms for spreading anxiety as well as normalizing filters and influencer culture that inspire young women to do plastic surgery preemptively.

With symbols and somewhat sarcastic tattoos I display bodies and croquis sketches. There is something raw and honest about croquis. I feel a strong need to see and create this type of images in a world filled with fake news and fake looks.

One thing’s for certain, Pihl will hit the ground running.

Vogue, 2019